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*** Hezekiah was counting on a pretty peaceful two or three weeks ahead.

For most of the year, the local ranchers let their cattle graze pretty much where they wanted, so twice a year they had their round-ups.

He knew something was wrong just by looking into his friend's face. You look like you've seen a ghost." The poor man's heart shattered with every word as his friend explained what he had witnessed. Maybe Billy was holding her hands or something." "Hez, I'm sorry man. He just stared into space as all the life seemed to drain from his body. Can...please just leave me alone now." "Hez, I'm..." "Please, Roy, just go." Roy left shaking his head and second guessing himself for telling what he saw. Jerry was surprised to see him walk in for two reasons; one, he just wasn't a frequent customer; two, because he'd heard the trail drive was over and the boys would be back any day. If it wasn't them it'd be somebody else in another town." She couldn't argue with his logic. You told me before you wouldn't leave me by myself but if you thought I didn't love you anymore maybe you would." "What were you going to do if I was still here when they came back?

He knew everything going on in town and even what young ladies might be open to the advances of a couple of young guys looking to sew some oats. He's been a lawman in Dodge City for years," stated Jerry. I don't think anyone in town is looking to give you any trouble." Eric was still thinking about the lawman. Maybe we should go down there and see." "It'll have to wait, little brother. If pa finds out we come to town he'll skin us alive. Business is a little slow but it's always slow during the round ups. Listen, Mattie, I wanted to warn you and Hez..." "Warn us? From what I could gather, Billy and Eric are mad as hell for even trying to get him. The..way they were talking, they even said some nasty things about what they'd do to you, Mattie. We'd have to find someone we could trust to take over for a while. He did miss his brother now and then and he knew Mattie missed her folks. "Hez, that's a nice idea but we can't afford to pay for all of them. As the round ups were coming to an end, the Bar-C was gearing up for the long cattle drive to Dodge. If she didn't love him anymore, what was the sense? This was not what she wanted but she had no idea what to do about it. Hez was sleeping on a cot in the back room of the store. He looked up at Jerry and thanked him, then left in a hurry. Mattie was upstairs cooking dinner when he burst through the door.Jerimiah Gibbins owned, The North Star Saloon, the only saloon in town.For the sake of his business, Jerry tried to get along with everyone, ranches as well as town's people. In fact, they probably spent more money in his establishment than the next ten guys combined. "Billy is what--nineteen, twenty, and he's already twice the man you are. Men out here don't ask for things, they take what they want--by force if they have to. Not having been inside his beautiful wife for a week, it didn't take Hezekiah long climax.

Oh yeah," she whimpered, pushing her hips to meet every thrust of her husband's love.

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The Greek god Dionysus is associated with the Eleusinian mystery cult of ancient Greece, based on the use of an entheogenic plant: origins of sacred mushroom cults have been traced by scholars to the Sahara, in particular the Tassili-n-Ajjer area of Algeria, which boasts rock-painting dated as early as 10,000 BC.… continue reading »

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