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Those messages resonate with me so clearly and so loudly, and I'm so grateful that he was a writer, and I was able to have access to those thoughts.

DALLAS – An 8-year-old Dallas boy may have endured more than 300 unnecessary doctor visits, gone through more than a dozen pointless surgeries and suffered life-threatening treatment complications after police and child protective officials say his mother faked multiple illnesses beginning when he was a newborn.

There's the affectionate, aspirational of the Ed Sullivan-era Beatles, and then there's the regressive familial hand-holding—the sort of helicopter parenting that allegedly yielded a generation of timid millennials who refuse to grow up or, in a broader sense, be free.

Dee Dee Blancharde never seemed to let go of Gypsy Rose's hand.

That is the creating force of what brought these two people together, which actually ended up creating a sort of destiny for Gypsy—freedom and serious consequences.""I love [co-producer] Andrew Rossi's films. She accesses the true crime space with in a way that feels purposeful, it feels intellectual, and it does not feel exploitative.

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The child and his two siblings were removed from the home by child welfare officials last month.Nicholas Godejohn was one of Gypsy's only human connections besides her mother, but three never made as much sense as two.